What Is This?

This blog presents you, my dearest reader of all, with scanned images from the Christian Charm Manual that I studied as a girl growing up in the American Midwest in the ’70s and ’80s. The images and quotes are real, I assure you – ripped from yesterday’s headlines, so to speak. Actually, they could be today’s headlines, too, and that’s pretty much my point. I was groomed to be an evangelical fundamentalist, and I was an earnest one for quite a while. So I’m taking another look at my Jesus-inspired charm class to show how I found a different way of experiencing the world. And I’m having a little fun along the way.

You can read more background on the page wherein I reveal intricate details about my life, the one whereupon I unveil my Charmifesto or the one that started it all – how I landed in charm school.


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