Apocolypse … how?

Slate to the rescue/apocolypse

Slate to the rescue / apocalypse

Today’s charm school break is sponsored by the apocalypse.

If you grew up going to Christian charm school, you also may have been sent to prophecy conferences in your spare time to learn the many ways in which the world could end.

Perhaps your family attended scary movies in the ’70s about what happens to those who are “left behind” after the rapture. Perhaps after dinner, your parents read aloud to you from classics such as 666. Perhaps your fundamentalist grade school taught conspiracy theories that involved Christians being taken to concentration camps in black helicopters.

When you think about it, it’s sort of a miracle that you’re so clever, evolved and carefree these days, isn’t it?

Anyway, whether you grew up anticipating the four horsemen around every corner or not, you likely will be unable to resist Slate.com’s handy new Chose Your Own Apocalypse feature. It focuses on theories about the demise of America and not the entire world, but that ought to cover things for now. We pilgrims have had it coming for years.


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