SNL’s other church lady

Julia Sweeney's show

Julia Sweeney's one-woman show

Today’s charm school break is sponsored by atheism.

I’m so happy that Julia Sweeney’s Letting Go of God is finally out on DVD. The former Saturday Night Live star’s story about giving up her religious views after trying first to reclaim them is smart, touching and funny. (It was first performed as a one-woman show in a few cities and then was available as an audio book, which you can still find on iTunes.)

I love this performance. Anyone who’s only seen the writer-actress as Pat on SNL might be surprised at her intellectual curiosity; she’s more than just a funny girl as she digs down to find out for herself what’s at the heart of the teachings she once accepted. The result, full of both sweeping commentary and tiny moments of discovery, is brilliant.

While recounting her path away from the church, Julia (may I call her Julia?) is conversational and uplifting – ironically, she proves to be as inspiring as any self-help guru could want to be, even though she debunks New Age thinking right alongside traditional religion.

Even if you’re not interested in letting go of your beliefs, this monologue is a must-see, must-listen kind of performance. Just experiencing her ride vicariously is a liberating sensation.

The Charm Marm wouldn’t approve, but I certainly do.

View trailer & such (music auto-plays at this link)
Letting Go of God DVD, $14.99


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